5 thoughts on “Dividend Income August 2017

  1. Glancing around at your portfolio I stumbled upon. “Don’t cooy my investments. I dont know what im doing.” Thanks for the morning laugh. You taught me somethinf however about AFFO and REIT. It appears to me that you’r doing a pretty good job. I’ve also noticed you really like your monthly paying companies! Keep up the great work and I look forward to following you. Also, the portfolio is coming along nicely.

  2. Glad I could provide some insight and a laugh! I like the fundamentals on most of the monthly payers I currently own. PSEC recently cut it’s dividend but the others are pretty solid. Should have went with MAIN over PSEC for a BDC 😉 . I also like reading Brad Thomas articles on seekingalpha.

    Happy to have you follow along with me. To be honest, this is just a way for me to archive my journey for posterity. I didn’t think people would actually follow it! Maybe I’ll have to write a real article about something someday!

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